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Lack of AI ethical frameworks to ensure (to whatever extent that can be accomplished) the technologies are properly used to the advantage of all life on earth is critically important. Here. I must point out the irresponsibility of the anthropogenic bias within this progress.

If nature does not have proper representation at the discussion table(s), then no matter what the outcomes are, they are likely to not adequately preserve and protect non human life in our biosphere. These outcomes may seem like positive steps but may turn out to be brief pauses on the 6th extinction path we are on.

Maybe this is where AI's shining purpose really lies - not in representing human interests but being the advocate for mother nature. I think it is more likely our human bias can controlled artificially to a greater degree than humans can do within themselves.

There's something quite Zen about the idea of the artificial "us" representing the natural world... it is a possibility.

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