You write, "This is perhaps a testament to just how powerful emerging AI technologies are — it’s possibly this generation’s “atomic technologies moment” where even the most ardent advocates of the technology worry about the devastation that could be caused if things go wrong."

To all the "experts" I have a message to share. Enough with the handwringing. Enough with the worrying. Just not buying it.

The solution to nuclear weapons was to not build them in the first place. And now that we have built them, we have not the slightest clue how to get rid of them. This ever present existential threat to everything we hold dear will be my generation's legacy.

And because they are incapable of learning from our mistake, AI will be this generation's legacy.

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An industry "asking" to be regulated tells you exactly how dangerous this technology could be. Even they do not fully understand at this time. However, AI is moving at warp speed and Congress is moving at snail speed.

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