Another approach could be to set aside the many details and look for simple formulas lying at the heart of all this activity. If we can understand those formulas, we should be able to better predict the future they will generate. One example...

FORMULA: Knowledge development proceeds faster than adaptation development.

EXAMPLE: We developed the knowledge of how to build nuclear weapons in a few years, and 75 years later we still have no clue how to make them safe.

I'm guessing we should expect the same pattern to apply to new emerging technologies like AI and genetic engineering. It's a lot easier to make them than it is to figure out how to manage them.

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Hey Andrew, great job on creating this AI "mind map... I find your narrative intriguing and the connections you draw between AI and the future of humanity fascinating. Your unique perspective adds a refreshing touch to the AI landscape. Looking forward to more of your thought-provoking insights. Cheers. - Adam

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